Money, everything is reduced to money/ Dinero, todo se reduce al dinero

Matthew 22:15-22    October 22, 2017  by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino A few years  ago, someone that I know  called me from the Northwest Tacoma Detention Center (a for- profit detention facility) to get some advice, he told me that he was detained because of his immigration status. He has no criminal convictions whatsoever. His only […]

The wedding banquet/ El banquete de bodas

Matthew 22:1-14,  Oct 15 2017  (Quinceaños)  by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino  Long time ago I organized a party and I was so disappointed because only few people came. Have you ever had this experience?  Have you ever organized a gathering, or a celebration and people did not show up like you expected? Hace mucho tiempo […]

Do you really think you can “own” what belongs to you?/¿Realmente piensan que lo que “poseen” les pertenece realmente a ustedes?                                                               

Matthew 21:33-46  Oct 8 2017 by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino I have to confess that this is a difficult passage to preach because this gospel story seems to contradict other teachings in the sacred scriptures.  For example, when we learn that the owner of the vineyard may put those tenants to a “miserable death”, this […]

Life isn’t fair/ La vida no es justa

Matthew 20:1-16  September 24, 2017 by Mel Kroeger Imagine if you will, folks gathered in houses all around Judea listening as Matthew teaches his gospel.   Stories in Matthew’s gospel resonated with his original audience and they would have listened very intently to today’s text because it describes a situation very familiar to them.   Matthew was […]

Did you love enough?/ ¿Amaste lo suficiente?

Matthew 18:21-35   September 15, 2017 By The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino  Three years ago, when I was in Jerusalem as part of my pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I had the opportunity to hear the stories of redemption and reconciliation of two of the co-founders of “Combatants for Peace” which is a  grass roots movement of […]

Who do you say that I am?/ Y ustedes , quién dicen que soy yo?

Matthew 16: 13-20 / with Baptism/  August 27, 2017 by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino Who do you say that I am? Y ustedes , quién dicen que soy yo? A few years ago, as part of the process of ordination I was asked to give a brief statement of my faith by answering Jesus’ question: […]

“It is I, do not be afraid”

Matthew 14:22-33,  August 13, 2017 by the Rev. Alfredo Feregrino Twenty five years ago I spent 3 months on a fishing boat in the Gulf of Alaska in the Bering Sea. I will never forget the moment when the alarm was activated in the middle of the night. We were facing a big storm, with […]

“The parable of the seed and the soils”/ La parabola de la semilla y la tierra

Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23     July 14, 2017    by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino My first experience that I can remember regarding seeds and their germination was in kindergarten. Part of the experiment was to learn about seed germination and notice how a tiny seed (in this case pinto bean) develops and sprouts from the soil, becoming […]

Come to me/ Ven a mi

Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 ,   July 9, 2017     by Melody Kroeger Some of you may know that I’m spending my summer months training as a chaplain at our local Veteran’s hospital.  I’ve been assigned to the bone marrow transplant ward and the acute psychiatric lockdown unit.  On either ward, bone marrow or acute psych, I […]

The Rabbi’s Gift/ El regalo del Rabino

Matthew 10:40-42  July 2nd  2017  by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino Have you ever heard the story of the “The Rabbi’s Gift?” The story is about an old monastic community in decline that seems to be on a path that leads to its eventual closure. There were only five monks left, all of them over the […]