I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life/ Yo Soy el Camino, la Verdad y la Vida

  Fifth Sunday of Easter-   John 14:1-14 |  May 14, 2017 By The Reverend Alfredo Feregrino How can we know the way?  Cómo vamos a saber el camino?   I do not know what you do, but every time that I need to find a place, I use my GPS navigator in my iphone  to find […]

The Lord is my Shepherd/ El Señor es mi Pastor

  Forth  Sunday or Easter  John 10:1-10  -May 7, 2017 By The Rev Alfredo Feregrino    Do you remember the voice of the person that really loved you and took care of you when you were little, the voice of the person that took care of you when you were a little child? Do you […]

Their eyes were opened and they recognized him /Sus ojos se abrieron y lo reconocieron

  April 30, 2017 – Luke 24:13-35-  by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino Their eyes were opened and they recognized him (v.30) Sus ojos se abrieron y lo reconocieron Can you imagine, walking along the street on your way home or on your way to work and involved in your thoughts and worries and suddenly as […]

Have hope and believe/ Tengan esperanza y creean

  John 20:19-31  –  April 23, 2017 –  by Melody Kroeger, MDiv This is my favorite gospel story!  Who am I’m kidding – they’re all my favorite! But the story of Thomas – doubting Thomas – is especially dear to me because he is so much like us – or at least like me – […]

Sunday of the Resurrection/ Domingo de Resurrección

John 20:1-18   Sunday of the Resurrection/ Domingo de Resurrección -April 16, 2017 By the Rev. Alfredo Feregrino. In the gospel that we just heard today, the story of this passage  revolves around the tomb, the empty tomb. The tomb as a representation of the end of life, the place of no return, the place where […]

“You go and care”

  John 13:1-17, 31b-35-   Maundy Thursday-  April 13, 2017 “You Go and Care”  by The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino.. Can you remember a time when someone did something very special for you? Something that you were so grateful for and cannot erase that from your memory? Perhaps someone helped you when you needed it the […]

Come out of your tomb! / Sal de tu tumba!

John 11:1-44   5th Lent A  Apri 2, 2017  by The Alfredo Feregrino Lazarus, come out! Lázaro sal fuera ! The story of Lazarus is probably one of the most well-known stories in the New Testament. The central theme of this story is clearly the movement from death to life. But one of the things that […]

Co-creator of God’s miracle/ Co-creador del milagro de Dios

John 9:1-41   4th Lent A   by  The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino It is well known that stories of Jesus giving sight to a blind man are found in all of the gospels. We have these stories in the gospel of Mark, Matthew and Luke. Es bien sabido que las historias de Jesús dando la vista a […]

Living water/ Agua viva

John 4:5-42  by Melody Kroeger  March 19, 2017   3rd Lent year A   Of all the stories in the four gospels, the one we just heard Fr. Alfredo proclaim is one of the best known.  In fact, if I were to pick one story that speaks to every human person – past and present – people […]

We are not in control/ No tenemos el control

May 12  2017.   John  3:1-17   (2nd Lent Year A) By  The Rev. Alfredo Feregrino “The wind blows where it chooses” and … you do not know where it comes from or where it goes.  “El viento sopla donde quiere” y… no sabes de dónde viene ni adónde va. After reading this passage and many commentaries,(what […]